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    Forman's Rack Rage
    It’s good for deer. It’s high quality. It’s local.
  • Charlie Forman featured on TheWhig.com
    Charlie Forman on TheWhig.com
    Call him the accidental environmentalist.

Rack Rage

Available at these fine locations:

Trousdale's Home Hardware 4468 George Street, Sydenham
Bennett's Bait and Tackle 158 Lombard Street, Smiths Falls
Glenburnie Grocery 2454 Perth Road, Glenburnie
Northway Home Hardware 3832 Perth Road, Inverary
Wing’s Live Bait & Tackle 413 Lyndhurst Road, Lyndhurst
Baker's Feed Store 1535 Highway 42, Forfar
Gordanier Hardware 15 Main Street, Elgin
Norris' Bait, Tackle & Hunting Center 8877 Highway 42, Westport
Gananoque Rent-All 825 Stone Street North, Gananoque
J.W. Lackie & Sons 16 King Street West, Lansdowne
It’s good for deer.
The balanced nutritional content of the pellets provides protein, fibre, calcium, energy, and smells and tastes great too.
It’s high quality.
Feeding straight grains disrupts a deer's digestive system, and doesn’t grow big bucks. Deer will only frequent a (likely damp or mouldy) corn pile when they have no better fresh options – not usually the case in late summer and early autumn. Rack Rage was designed with both deer and hunters in mind. Livestock and biodiesel corn that was rejected by a grain elevator and repackaged as deer feed was not.
It’s local.
The grains and hay are all grown by local farmers, the dried molasses comes from your local feed store, and the processing and pelletizing all happened at the Forman family’s farm in Seeley’s Bay. Pellets are sold directly to independent local businesses, so that you get a great deal on deer pellets from down the road.

Ingredients: Corn, roasted soybeans, high-calcium alfalfa hay, fragrant dried molasses.


Feed early.
Start feeding deer well before hunting season. In early July, does are lactating and bucks are starting to grow their racks, making the first weeks of this month an ideal time to get them the extra protein they need. In addition to persuading the deer to come to camera locations so that you can plan your hunt, the deer will also be lulled into a pattern of visiting the feed sites routinely. But supplying Rack Rage at any time before there is hunting pressure conditions the deer, so that even the biggest and wisest of mature bucks may come into range with their guard down during hunting season. Now is an important time to keep deer on your property, and recruit deer from poorly managed surrounding properties.
Feed often.
If deer cannot rely on your supply, you won’t be able to rely on them. Deer are unlikely to eat stale or damp feed. A consistent, fresh supply of Rack Rage deer pellets means a fragrant supply. The aroma of roasted soybeans and molasses given off by freshly laid pellets will attract deer to your property from other lots.
Feed all over.
Providing feed at a number of locations will minimize the likelihood of territorial aggression, and increase the number of bucks on your property.
Feed consistently.
The ingredients in Rack Rage are balanced, blended and pelletized to ensure a consistent, uniform feed that the microorganisms in deer’s’ rumens will digest. Changing feeds or feeding straight grains will unbalance a deer’s digestive system, and do more harm than good when it comes to attracting and growing tag-worthy deer.