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CSA Availability

Below is a table showing our featured produce and the expected availability during our CSA program.

CropSeasonal Availability
Beens (Green, Yellow, Purple)Late June- Mid September
Beets (Red, Gold, Striped)May-October
BrocolliMid June- Mid September
Cabbage (Red, Green, Savoy)Late June- Mid September
Carrots (Orange, Rainbow)May-October
Cauliflower (White, Purple, Cheddar, Green)Mid July-Mid September
Corn, sweetMid July- Early September
GarlicLate July- October
Garlic ScapesLate June
Herbs (Basil, Parsely, Cilantro, Dill, Rosemary)May-October
KalettesMid September-October
Lettuce May-October
Mesclin MixMay-October
Onions (Red, White, Spanish)Late July- October
Onions, bunching (Purple, Green)Late July- October
Peas, SnowMid June-Mid July, September
Peas, Sugar SnapMid June-Mid July, September
Pepper, Sweet (Green, Red)Late July-Mid September
Pepper, PablanoLate July-Mid September
Pepper, JalapenoLate July-Mid September
Potatoes, Fingerling (White, Blue, Red)Mid July-October
Potatoes (white)August-October
Pumpkins, pieSeptember-October
Pumpkins, ornamentalSeptember-October
RadishMay-June, September-October
SpinachMay-June, September-October
Squash, summer (Green and Yellow Zucchini)July-September
Squash, summer (Patty Pans)July-September
Squash, winter (Acorn, Butternut, Hubbard, Spaghetti)Mid September- Mid October
Tomatoes, BeefsteakMay-October
Tomatoes, Cherry (Red, Yellow, Black, White, Mixed)May-October
Tomatoes, On the VineMay-October
WatermelonMid August- Mid September
Field Greens

Extras Also Available with your CSA

  • Cutflowers- Sunflowers, Gladiolus, and more!
  • Annual Bedding Plants
  • Vegetable Transplants
  • Perennial Plants
  • Seasonal Décor (such as decorated pumpkins)
  • Baked Goods special occasions

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